Fittbe Yogalates

Fittbe Yogalates

Yogalates with Fittbe is a treat for your mind, body, and spirit! Slowly stretch, stabilize, and lengthen into a beautifully balanced YOU! Don't take our word for it; here from one of our users! "This video series is fabulous, I have a hard time stretching because I never know quite what to do, this is just the ticket! I also like to do one of these each night before bed, it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day at the office."

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Fittbe Yogalates
  • Peace & Release Yogalates Stretch

    Gain flexibility through peace and release yogalates. Relaxing stretch and center practice with logs of leg stretches!

  • Beneficial Balance: 14 Min Pilates

    Work your legs, core, abs, waists, and arms! Stand tall, engage your core, and flow through your workout. Grab your light free weights! 14 mins.

  • Yogalates Calm and Strong

    This calm and strong pilates will leave your mind feeling calm and your body feeling strengthened from the inside out. Stretches and slow movements help you cultivate balance, poise, and control!