Fittbe Barre Workouts

Fittbe Barre Workouts

Kira started at the barre back when she could barely reach it! Your teacher is a classically trained dance teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. You will quickly find that Barre workouts are the most fun and beautiful way to tone your body! Plus, take your mind to the happiest place while you enjoy all of the exercises and carefully choreographed sequences!

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Fittbe Barre Workouts
  • Total Body Barreless Barre Workout: Low Impact

    Stretch and tone with this 33 minute full body workout featuring low impact exercises. Don't forget those free weights. Targets arms, core, and steady strength.

  • Slowed Down Serene Sculpt

    Classically inspired This 20 Minute Classically inspired Barre workout will have you finding grace and stability! Equipment, light free weights!

  • Pilates, Barre Mix: Wake it Up!

    In this Pilates and Barre mix, get ready to wake it all up! We will work our shoulders, legs, abs, and thighs! Time to strengthen and tone! 16.3 Mins. Light free weights.

  • Pilates Barre Hybrid Workout!

    Get your ballerina on as you enjoy this up tempo barre based Pilates and barre hybrid workout! Focus on abs, core, and legs!

  • Core in Gear!

    Join in with core in gear barre style! Strong to the core is within your reach today!

  • Beauty Barre for Full Body

    It's time for a 17 minute beautiful barre, and this one targets your full body! You'll be amazed at how excellent you feel after crushing this workout, and it will take under 20 minutes!

  • All Muscles Activate Barre

    Tone your arms, legs, and tighten your core! All muscles activate in this gorgeous 13 minute barre session!

  • Practically Perfect Arms in 10!

    This arm session begins with such a fun warm-up that you can do with no equipment. Then we move on to some light free weights and it's all about ultra efficiency! You won't believe how well this works! Feel the beautiful burn with practically perfect arms in 10.

  • Classic Contour Barre

    Feel amazing as you work your core, legs, and arms for those classic contours!

  • Legs for Days: 22 Minutes

    Earn those long, lean, legs with this fun and challenging 22 minute Barre session that you can do at home!

  • Light stretching Barre

    Join in this light stretching barre today! You'll work on tone while reaching through stretches and extensions!

  • Belle of the Barre

    Be the belle of the barre with this 25 minute full body session targeting arms, legs, and abs. Be sure to bring along a pair of light free weights!