At Home Workouts: Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates

At Home Workouts: Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates

Whether you love to hit the Barre or rock the Pilates mat, Fittbe At Home Workouts for Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates will help you to tone and strengthen your body as you calm your mind and enjoy uplifting and upbeat HD sessions anywhere, anytime!

At Home Workouts: Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates
  • Energy in Smooth Motion Pilates

    Work your abs, tone your legs, and work your arms as you enjoy energy in smooth motion.
    12.5 Minutes ⏰
    Medium Intensity ✅

  • Pilates
    22 items


    22 items

    Pilates is amazing for your core strength, posture, toning, and overall body balance! Make steps toward winning the day with invigorating and strengthening moves you'll love! Taught by Kira, who is classically trained, and has 20 years of experience teaching and inspiring!

  • Fittbe Barre Workouts

    13 items

    Kira started at the barre back when she could barely reach it! Your teacher is a classically trained dance teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. You will quickly find that Barre workouts are the most fun and beautiful way to tone your body! Plus, take your mind to the happiest place while...

  • Fittbe Yogalates

    5 items

    Yogalates with Fittbe is a treat for your mind, body, and spirit! Slowly stretch, stabilize, and lengthen into a beautifully balanced YOU! Don't take our word for it; here from one of our users! "This video series is fabulous, I have a hard time stretching because I never know quite what to do, t...

  • Light stretching Barre

    Join in this light stretching barre today! You'll work on tone while reaching through stretches and extensions!

  • Precise Pilates

    In just about 10 minutes, rock your legs and inner thighs, work your core, and tighten your glutes!

  • Strong & Steady Pilates

    Enjoy this just under 20-minute session to strengthen your whole body with focus on core, back, waist, and thighs!

  • Pilates with Resistance

    Let's add some resistance to our Pilates practice today! Grab a towel or a band and join in with a superb 11-minute workout!

  • Light up your Core Pilates

    Light up your core with this 11 minute session to target deep abdominals as you tighten your muscles and support your back!

  • Full Body Mat Challenge

    Pilates on the mat to challenge your muscles in a great way! Extend, engage, and focus along with us. Press play!

  • Lovely Balanced Legs and More!

    Tone your legs with length and precision in this 16-minute leg focused session that moves from a standing position to some creative mat work!

  • Bright and Beautiful Pilates

    Sometimes you need to reset! This session is invigorating - it is the perfect way to start or reset your day!

  • Intensify your Pilates Practice

    Core, arms, and waists are targeted in this session where we intensify your Pilates practice!

  • Core in Gear!

    Join in with core in gear barre style! Strong to the core is within your reach today!

  • Yogalates Calm and Strong

    This calm and strong pilates will leave your mind feeling calm and your body feeling strengthened from the inside out. Stretches and slow movements help you cultivate balance, poise, and control!

  • Classic Contour Barre

    Feel amazing as you work your core, legs, and arms for those classic contours!

  • All Muscles Activate Barre

    Tone your arms, legs, and tighten your core! All muscles activate in this gorgeous 13 minute barre session!

  • Practically Perfect Arms in 10!

    This arm session begins with such a fun warm-up that you can do with no equipment. Then we move on to some light free weights and it's all about ultra efficiency! You won't believe how well this works! Feel the beautiful burn with practically perfect arms in 10.

  • Beauty Barre for Full Body

    It's time for a 17 minute beautiful barre, and this one targets your full body! You'll be amazed at how excellent you feel after crushing this workout, and it will take under 20 minutes!

  • Legs for Days: 22 Minutes

    Earn those long, lean, legs with this fun and challenging 22 minute Barre session that you can do at home!